Happy and creative 2019!

I am amazed that a year has passed and a new one has begun. And it feels good! 2018 was a good year with exciting projects, collaborations, workshops, new contacts and a proper summer vacation, the first one in many years!

I am not gonna give you a summary of my 2018, I have not done one yet, but I wanted to share two good things that happened in December. I really LOVE sharing the joy and craft of lettering and I got to publish and release inspiration in two different mediums at the end of 2018:

First off:
Lettering Workbook No 1

I have been dreaming of making a workbook and share a great product to use when practicing lettering. ANd I am very proud to present my very first workbook:

Lettering Workbook-picture3.jpg

Toghether with Lillebil Hansson of Care of Lillebil we put together a workbook to inspire you to pick up a pencil and draw. The workbook contains 10 lettering style alphabets and lined, dotted and blank paper to help you to trace or create your own letterforms! I am grateful to the team at Pen Store for asking me to make a workbook, giving med a kick to make my dream a reality. And a big thank you to Arctic Paper for great collaboration and for quality paper!

You can buy the book at:
Pen Store (Sweden)
Pen Store (Denmark)
Pen Store (International)

We are looking for retailers in Finland as well, but first we need to print a second edition since the first one sold out! Lucky problem! :) I still have some workbooks saved for coming Lettering Workshops this spring!

The second thing I want to share is a compilation of my #24daysoflettering videos I posten in my Instagram feed all December, one video per letter, which adds up to 29 videos since I am Swedish and we have 29 letters in our alphabet.


Put on your favorite music, sit down comfortably and keep a pencil and paper close by, you might get inspired to draw a letterform or two. My hope is to share inspiration and tips on how to draw different lettering styles. I'd love to know what your favourite letterform is, so do send me a comment if you want to! And if you post letterings that you created inspired by these videos I'd love to find you so be sure to tag @fialottajansson and #24daysoflettering in your post!

I wish you a good, peaceful, meaningful and creative year 2019.
And many happy lettering moments!

Love, Sofie